By abraham | February 10, 2019

Rosemarie D.

I’ve been with a different insurance company since 2002. My vehicle died a miserable death and due some personal medical issues, I didn’t bother replacing it for over a year. I had kept the insurance ongoing for 7 months but had to let it go.
I purchased a new vehicle this week and imagine my surprise ( and stress) that I wasn’t able to get coverage after 16 years and the office personnel were not helpful as to why or what I needed to do.
I googled several insurance places near me. Chose Matt McClure based on reviews to call.
Jen was a rockstar not only explaining what my situation was, reassuring me that she had it handled, and then completing everything in a super quick efficient manner.
I’m paying significantly less than my other coverage. She was knowledgeable and delightful to work with. But most importantly, what was a seemingly desperate and precarious situation … I am not only covered and effective, but I feel very secure and have great faith in my protection.
I don’t think I ever thought or felt anything towards my insurance protection before today until you are faced with the fear of not having it. You get quite acclimated with what you have always had.
I’m extremely impressed and confident in this office handling my protection needs. Thank you.