By zapierzzz | July 2, 2021

Matt McClure on The Dan DeVerna Podcast – Maumee OH

Stay tuned because this is a really good one. We’ve got some good stories that are talking a little bit about Matt McClure and I’s experiences as triathletes, which is pretty fantastic. We also talk a little bit about me going back to church once in a while and business stuff. I mean, this guy is probably the best person that I know at getting referrals and business. It’s kind of a way of life for him and he’s pretty amazing at it. And I think it’s a pretty good listen. So, hopefully you chime in, if you haven’t subscribed before, make sure you do that. That’d be a big help.

Matt McClure Welcome to the Dan Deverna podcast, where we talk about business, life and how to win at both.

Matt McClure
Katie, my oldest daughter, today was her first day back to the office cause she’s on a holiday break and I actually have a buddy who’s in the insurance business down in Columbus, big agency. So she’s been working with him.

Dan Deverna

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