Supporting Preemies & Their Families

Did you know that as many as 11.4% of all pregnancies end in early deliveries? That’s about 450,000 babies in the United States being born prematurely. The Graham’s Foundation is determined to ensure no parent goes on this journey alone. Its mission is to bring the issue of premature birth to light and educate the community on the entirely new set of challenges that comes with bringing home a premature baby. Our agency values the support this organization shows families going through the preemie journey and will join its mission to empower families during these uncertain times. 

Becoming a parent can be a little overwhelming, but premature birth puts you on a journey like no other. The purpose of this organization is to provide a support system for individuals experiencing prematurity. Often, families on this journey feel isolated and helpless. Research suggests that premature babies’ parents respond well to family-centered preemie support and can lead to better outcomes throughout the prematurity experience. 

The Graham’s Foundation would love to meet the needs of every family experiencing premature birth, but they need our help. Over the years, mentors and other healthcare volunteers developed programs and a network of resources designed to meet families’ needs after premature birth. Online communities, care package programs, and trained preemie parent mentors are just a few of the services available to preemie parents. By providing these services, individuals are guided back to normalcy.

We are committed to raising awareness in our community and giving our customers, business partners, and anybody else that cares the ability to make an impact themselves. We will donate $20 on your behalf to our current Community Cause campaign for every person you recommend to us.


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